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Virus total detect this bot has virus
#1 Posted : Thursday, December 9, 2021 1:48:54 AM(UTC)
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virus total

im not kidding.. you can download the rar and test it yourself.

is it safe to run the file?

i have anxiety
#2 Posted : Thursday, December 9, 2021 4:59:21 PM(UTC)

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dewatempur;61732 wrote:

im not kidding.. you can download the rar and test it yourself.

is it safe to run the file?

i have anxiety

Bots, cracks, trainers all those things are usually flagged as a virus since they do something a virus would do.
In this case the bot reads memory and controls mouse which, in a sense, is what a virus would do.

Surpisingly enough F-Secure did not flag heartranger as a virus and Norton was sure it would blow up my pc and ransack my creditcard.

However, all in all, been using it for several years and not a single issue so far.

False positive :)

4 out of 50 flagged it as a virus. So 48 say it's safe. That's a safe enough margin to be less worried :)
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#3 Posted : Saturday, March 5, 2022 2:53:58 PM(UTC)
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Nobody has to be a computer sciencentist but just so you know: This software is being sold via cryptocurrencies to mask the developers identity because Blizzard Entertainment does not like Bot Developers analyze their game data and manipulate it/develope a software to automate it's taks etc and one of the famous WoW Bot developer was hunted down via Blizzard Lawyers who had to pay 10's of millions of usds, but kept continuing developing futher bots (just imagine the kind of money we talk here)
So just google a little bit and have more insight on why the developer of this bot would not ruin his own business, it is because there are hundreds of thousands of people that purchase this bot not just for a month but every year for the past 10 years and most likely for the further years.
If there was 1 single person who lost even a penny out of a virus scam he would never buy it again, let alone he would also try to convince other people not to buy it so eventually this software would die.

Though this software is a bot and it is illegal to sell (also to buy, well yeah practically nobody was sent into the jail because of it but well you get banned p.s i never did and i have been running 24 hours 7 days for the past 2 years)
Keeping that in mind, there is a difference between a virus which can harm your computer like TROJANS or alot other types of virusses, and there is false positives which ANTIVIRUS Companies CLAIMS to be.
And i have some knowledge about these virustotal searches, trust me if you would download all of the antivirus softwares you would get more virus results because it is really easy to mask your md5 or hashes or there are alot more techniques to make what's called FUD injection but nevertheless even the developer of this software was someone who was trying to harm other people by injecting some virusses to his own business which most likelly makes millions of usds each year (or month) he probably failed to find the correct virusses to eventually harm people because the kind of virusses you show has no actual outcome i,e if you would injected whatever results you see on a software and spread it onto the internet, you would not gain anything period.

The dangerous ones are Trojans, if you see even a 1 trojan warning, never run the software on your main pc where you use your debit card and have sensitive information.
Scare from the files which is Doubled Zipped/rarred (rar inside a rar or zip file inside a zipfile) specially doubled zipped password protected files because these are the kinds of ways that people try to pass virus detections online etc (beginner/entry level users ur grandma or even u)

How can you protect yourself?
Well rent a fuking windows VPS and run the bot on the cloud and never enter any infromation/never upload anything valuable to your cloud VPS so you never lose anything except your HS Account (though even if they wanted they could not steal it because blizzard would be on your side)
If you can't afford a vps just google install VMWARE Workstation Pro Windows etc to learn how to create a virtual environment to run malicious executables, in the virtual environment, you would only run the bot to play the game so you would never receive any harm.

P.S on the developer side, these guys are not even asking your credit card information, how can they even attack you?? these are legit guys but is there an ultimate guarantee that they would never wake up one day and say ``we shall inject trojan to our bots and gain control of 100k of our users computers right now`` well there is not any guarantee (but again this would never happen because how long can they perform this until people learns it out?
Pointless and life is long, even hackers may oneday gain access to their servers to inject a trojan to ship an update to gain access to your computer but it is you who has to be alert and who hast to be aware of what you do/run on your environments (virtual or physical)

To stay on the safe side, learn VMWARE,

Learn coding,
Read articles,
So even using the most harmful files would not harm you at all
(i hope nothing would offend noone)
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Klady132 on 8/6/2023(UTC)
#4 Posted : Saturday, August 5, 2023 7:38:23 PM(UTC)
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Ive seen a new barfoos.A!lm trojan. What's the deal?
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