Hearthranger - How to use config set from other source?


If you download whole config set from other source, like

scottbreak's Meta Decks for Vision AI



After you download the zip file, extract all the .json files (only .json file is needed, deck list is the file indicate you how to build this deck).


Build the deck and name it as you like, for example 'my_fav_deck', then open the folder named 'CustomConfig' under Hearthranger's root directory.


In this example, create a directory named 'my_fav_deck_config_dir', then copy all the .json files into this directory, so the folder structure would look like:





       --- Concede.json

       --- GlobalValues.json

       --- Mulligan.json

       --- ...other .json files if it contains in the source.


The next step is to open the ini file which is located:




And add the following line in CONFIGS setction:



my_fav_deck = my_fav_deck_config_dir


*No ; character before your deck name, ; is the character as comment line in .ini file.


The last step is to run the bot, then select 'my_fav_deck' as the deck to run, then bot will always load .json files config from my_fav_deck_config_dir