Hearthranger - How to report misplay in vision a.i. ?


While bot is running, whenever misplay happens, click this button .



Then you can stop bot or wait until bot plays the whole game.


* When it's enemy's turn, if you click , then bot will save previous turn bot just played.

 It's very useful when it's too late to realize when game turns into enemy's turn.

 Which means, bot always saves its own played turn.



Click  button to open review window.



Select the snapshot(review) file from 1, then you can click 2 to switch to the misplay board.


Ensure config directory (3) is [default].


Click 4 to get the bot calculation result:



In the result window, move to NODE PATH 0, ensure the result is incorrect, remember bot always uses NODE PATH 0 as best move.


Then click button 5, select the wrong played card, and write some memo if you like.



Click [Report] button to report this misplay.