This tutorial shows how to start Hearthranger bot.


Step 1:

Download rar file from the download link.


Step 2:

Extract rar at your local disk.



Step 3 (Optional) :

This step is optional, if Hearthranger.exe can start up correct, then goto Step 4.

If you see this kind of error message :


Please download and install .net framework 4.0 from Microsoft website:

Or if you’ve installed .Net framework 4.0 but still get this error, please reference this page:


You may also need to install

Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2010


Step 4:

Start Hearthstone game client, or keep it running if you already started it.

Step 5:


After startup, click [Edit] button.

Step 6:

Select game type, deck name, and deck rule file. (Simply select DeckRules_Default.xlsx if you don’t know which one is better.)

Make sure the game path is correctly set.

Step 7:


Enter your bot account name and password, then save it.

Step 8:

Click [Start] button to start botting!